A downloadable Bunker Björn for Windows

Take your trusty laser rifle and strap into the boots of Björn the Bunkercrawler. Find your way deeper and deeper into the old bunker complex of Wuhnsgrad. Until you can go no more.

Shoot your way through hordes of rouge robots. See them fall like dominos!

Collect upgrades for your weapon. Quadruple the damage. Increase your rate of fire. Hell. Change the mode of your weapon entirely. Get that speedy quad damage shotgun and wreak havoc amongst the enemies!

  • Use WASD or Left Stick to move. Use your mouse or Right Stick to look.
  • Use LMB or Right Trigger to shoot.
  • Use Spacebar or Left Trigger to jump.


Bunker Björn - The Rebunkered Update 62 MB

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I liked it a lot in general! the art is very good! and the movements of the enemies!

One thing to improve, when you shoot and move, the particle effect of the gun stays in the back and doesn't come out of the gun.

Well done, it's very good!