The Forest and the Log Huts

Hello again. Here’s your weekly update. The winter holidays are fast approaching and the making of this little story game is also edging closer to its end. Which is good. I might be able to make it, after all. Had my doubts there. Still have some, what with the dayjob and everything.


This week sees the finishing of the mysterious forest area. Something strange is happening there. Weird stones with glowing glyphs on them appeared out of nowhere.

Also I haven’t introduced the player charcters yet. Say Hello to John and Ellen. You will play them both. While John is a normal living person (apart from the fact that he works for the Department, which is an institute to regulate magical activities) and comes with the usual properties of being alive, Ellen on the other hand, can communicate with ghosts and the Veil. You will need to make use of all of this.

While I was also editing and rewording the dialogue over and over (still not done), I had some time to go back and replace the house placeholders with actual log huts. The settlement looks very much like a proper settlement now.

And that’s it for this time.

Hopefully I can show you the last area of the game in next weeks update. It#s only getting spookier.

Stay save out there. You know the drill.

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It looks amazing. Already loving the atmosphere and lighting. 

Still really excited for this !! 

Keep up the good work and passion and don't rush. Take your time.

I wish you all the best of success !!


Thank you! Yes, I’m trying to not go full on crazy rush :D

Say, do we know each other, perhaps from a certain indie strolche discord server? Because of the squirrel and all … ^^