A downloadable game for Windows

Spooky McShooty is a 6-dof shooting game prototype.

Enjoy and if you wish to leave feedback, please do.

Control your ship with the mouse and WASD or joysticks.

Shoot with LMB or right trigger on a joystick.

Beware: The prototype download, at this time, does NOT look like the screenshots presented here. It is the last build that made sense to put out before starting the art pass. That means it looks all orangey and cheap. Make sure you keep that in mind.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsGame Kombinat, Chris
Made withUnity, Blender, Pyxel Edit
Tags3D, 6dof, Atmospheric, atompunk, bunker, First-Person, Horror, laser


Spooky McShooty Prototype 35 MB

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TLDR: It is a neat little prototype and I would like to see a more polished and content rich version at another time.

I liked the controls. They felt simple, good, fun and easy to learn without a tutorial. I would suggest adding a sideways rotation with Q and E. To improve navigation for those with difficulties I would also suggest adding a compass and gyroscope like system with basic directions to make that part a little bit easier, especially in the current mostly similar looking environments.

The boss trapped me continuously and it felt like they pushed me through the level instead of me steering. That way I had difficulties to actually engage into combat despite me knowing what was to do. Maybe introducing a combat phase system with it only certain moments of using the shield (if not all turrets destroyed) resulting in a agressive behaviour when using the shield and defensive when not would make the fight a bit more dynamic.

Very fun! I wish Q and E would do a barrel roll. It took me a while to realize the first shoot-button was in fact a button rather than just a light. I realized what to do in the final fight instantly but became stuck and unable to move w/ the main enemy kind of pinning me down.