A downloadable Folk Tale for Windows


It is said that the Hafermann prowls the fields in dark and foggy harvest nights: a demon with glowing, red eyes, and a fiery mouth.  He preys on lone children who venture into the corn and takes them down to his realm of roots.

Not too long ago, farmers would leave the last harvest on the fields as a sacrifice to the Hafermann, so that he may spare their babes and grant them a fruitful next year.

Yet this year, the harvest was exceptional. Greed and disdain for the old ways led the farmers to keep the last swath for themselves.

When children start to disappear and a towering, black figure can be seen far out in the fields, young Inga sets out in the cold autumn night to look for her little brother. But she knows: A tribute was denied, so a due must be paid.


Mouse and Keyboard: 
[W][A][S][D]/[Left Stick] - Movement
[LMB]/[E]/[Right Trigger] - Interact
[RMB]/[Space]/[Right Bumper] - Toggle Lantern and the Irrlicht. It will help you find the way!
[Shift]/[Left Trigger] - Sprint


Code, Design - damagefilter
Art, Design - leafthief
Additional Coding - Phantom Lab
Music & Sfx - Giuliano Cau

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorsGame Kombinat, leafthief, GiulianoCau
Tags3D, corn-demon, Female Protagonist, Folklore, hafermann, Horror, hpsx, PSX (PlayStation), Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


Hafermann Alpha 47 MB


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love the art style sm!!!

I enjoyed it, but couldn't find the last thing I needed.


this is the type of games I like, I don't care about the graphics or the realism, I just want good gameplay, coherent events/situations/monologue/dialogue are good enough for a 5 star review for me haha


Looks spooky.

If you want to see this game just skip to the forth  game. I played 5 free horror games. If you want to see the whole video ill appreciate It. Subscribe If You Choose To. Thank You For Your Time


What a little gem, i like it :P, nice job devs.


Thank you :D

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Nice game! In the begenning i was lost, but after a while i get how to play. I really like! Just a tip, lock at the spots to press E, many times it was hard to find the correct location for press E. At Brazil we have a similar folk tale, the name is homem do saco/man of bag, but here it was real story!

Thanks for playing!

That’s interesting bit of info. I’ll read up on ye olde Sack Man, thanks for the tip :D


We actually had a lot of fun with this game. Nice style.

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Thank you! Glad you liked it.


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😀

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Grüß dich, Rosti!

Freut uns dass es dir gefallen hat, danke fürs spielen!

Falls es dich interessiert: Der Hafermann stammt aus dem Buch Deutsche Mythologie von Jacob Grimm und wird dort auch als Kornmann oder Korndämon bezeichnet :)

Eine konkrete Geschichte hat er aber nicht, die haben wir uns ausgedacht :D

Thanks for playing, Rosti! Much love

interesting style.

Thank you very much. Glad you like it.

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It really grasped the old horror days when people denied the ones they praised and on person is set to make things right plus it has a great seeing setting not too much but not too little


Super entertaining session. Thanks for playing our little game!

Game is interesting from the video linked in here. If you ever make a Mac version, I would be happy to test it out.


Liked the game great atmosphere and creepy enemy!! I don't see many third person horror games so I really liked that.  Have gameplay of my reaction here

Hehe. You broke the end a little :D Thanks for taking the time and recording your gameplay!

Your game looks really cool.  If you'd be interested in creating a linux executable, I would be happy to test it out!