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The Vrennman Case is an adventure game in which you uncover the secrets of a demonic cult, solving puzzles that have you cross the line between the world of the living and the spirit world. 

You play as the ghost-hunting detective John and his ghostly companion Ellen. Use her abilities and combine them with Johns earthly skill to actually touch anything larger than a spoon, to find out what happened in this dark and desolate place - the Vrennman Mansion.

Lure your enemies into traps with the help of the people of the spirit world.  Solve an untold amount of weird puzzles ranging from blood sacrifices to wild mushroom fantasies. But beware! Sometimes the most obvious solutions are not the best solutions.


  • Inspired by norse myths and classic demonology
  • Eerie atmosphere
  • Play a ghost and walk through walls, closed doors, people, doesn't matter. Ghosts can walk through anything. Ellen is not an exception.
  • A world in which you can interact with almost anything.
  • Complex branching of events that depends on what you did and what you didn't do.
  • Collectibles that tell yet another story
  • Very weirdly themed puzzles invented by a madman
  • The complete absence of a fail-state (FYI: That means you cannot lose)

Download demo

The Vrennman Case 3D Teaser Demo 70 MB
vc_nonsteam_23b354.zip 59 MB

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Really enjoyed playing this. I really want to play more!

It is very good! Can't wait for the full game :)

Hey, thanks!

Thanks for the video as well. Glasd you like the game  :D

You're welcome :D